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 Technical Library

This document provides the procedure for accessing and searching for Standards and other documents in the Professional Engineering ASABE Library.

Tractor Restoration Program Tire Sponsor - Titan Tire

Titan Tires is a supporter and partner in Tractor Restortation Programs.  Titan is willing to assist FFA and 4-H Chapters/Clubs and  members in their efforts to restore tractors by providing new tires.  If you are restoring a tractor for competition and are interested in acquiring tires from Titan, you should contact Linda Adamson at  

National Tractor Restoration Competition  -TRC

The Delo Tractor Restoration Competition was established in 1995 to recognize and reward the creativity, technical aptitude and business knowledge of high school-aged FFA members from around the country. During this restoration process, participants develop teamwork, project management, budgeting, planning and marketing skills. All of these new skills will enable them to become future leaders in the agriculture community.  The submission deadline is typically in September and competition finalists are invited to attend the annual FFA convention. The Chevron Delo website   contains all the information and forms required to compete in the program.
Past Winners - dominated by Texas exhibitors - are identified along with before and after pictures.  TRC is an excellent site to review examples of  Workbooks that have been submitted .  Additional materials include: TRC Background, Frequently Asked Questions, Quotes, Media and Download Competition Workbook.
John Deere Green Paint

As identified in this link, John Deere Green Paint, there are two shades of John Deere Green paint sold at John Deere dealers.  John Deere green paint shades have changed (unintentionally) down through the years due to different vendors, chemicals and ingredients, such as lead in earlier years.  John Deere sells a Classic Green and the Agriculture Green.  The Classic Green (actually the newest color) was developed to meet the request of those restoring older John Deere tractors. 

 JAM Recommendations

 Our comments and recommendations (2011 - ) for those restoring and painting tractors for the San Antonio Junior Agricultural Mechanics (JAM) show.  Please refer to the Authentic Section of Tractor Check Sheet 1 for additional recommendations regarding tractor painting.  

  1. We will accept John Deere Agriculture Green on all John Deere tractors, styled and unstyled.
  2. We recommend John Deere Antique Green on unstyled John Deere tractors.
  3. We recommend using authentic John Deere paint – its color ages differently than other brands.  We suggest using a paint hardener that is compatible with the John Deere paint
  4. We do not recommend clear coating but will accept it.

 Please address any concerns or questions regarding these recommendations to 

John Deere Tractor Model Names and Horsepower

 There is confusion in identifying John Deere tractors by model names and horsepower (Hp).  Some of this confusion had been caused by John Deere and other manufacturers using model names on their new tractors that have been used previously on tractors made in earlier years. 

 John Deere Tractor Reference List identifies all John Deere tractor models, years manufactured and published Horsepower.

Horsepower (Hp) - Engine vs PTO Hp

 Engine instead of PTO Hp may be provided for the smaller yard and garden tractors.  (Some of the smaller tractors do not have a PTO shaft.)  This has caused confusion and misunderstanding when comparing and interpreting the horsepower of different makes and models of tractors. PTO Hp, used almost exclusively on larger tractors, is measured from the PTO shaft at a rated engine or PTO rpm.  PTO Hp and Belt Hp (similar to PTO Hp) is usable rotary power where engine Hp measured at the engine flywheel must be transmitted through gears and/or drive train resulting in lower usable real power.

 Be careful when comparing tractor makes, one with Engine Hp listed and the other PTO Hp. The tractor that has a published Engine HP will have significantly less usable horsepower when compared to a tractor make identified with equal Hp but measured at the PTO. It is difficult to convert Engine PTO Hp to PTO Hp due to different measurement techniques and variables.

 A technical paper Power Measurement identifies components of power, work, torque etc and how power is defined and measured. Example problems are presented for calculating Power and Horsepower. The history of Horsepower and how it was developed is presented.

 The Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory Web site list the Horsepower of all Makes and Models of Tractors tested. Their reports show PTO and Drawbar Horsepower’s at different loads.  Fuel efficiencies at different loads are also reported. There is an interesting link located on this site to the Lester Larsen Tractor Test and Power Museum.   

John Deere H Restoration

Was developed by Pat Browning, New Braunfels, TX.  This is an excellent source for information on JD tractors especially the Model H. Featured Articles include: Carburetors, Cooling Systems, Decals, Deere Pubs, Fuel Systems, Guages, Sheet metal and many more.  Pat also has manuals and tractor parts for sale. Lon Shell was a Contributing Editor on the Restoration Manual, 2nd Edition. There are excellent tractor restoration Links identified on this WEB site.

This Web site was developed by Glenn Thompson and it is dedicated to Antique Tractors. It has an outstanding list of Tractor Clubs, and Calendar of Tractor Shows in Texas. Additional  materials include historical information, list of tractor-related clubs, forums, magazines, newsletters and pictures of recent tractor shows. This is an excellent WEB site.
Yesterdays Tractors

Specializes in antique tractors - John Deere, Farmall, Allis Chalmers, Ford - all antique tractors made before 1985. It also has excellent antique tractor links. Other resources allow you to view  more than 90,000 antique tractor pictures or join other antique tractor enthusiasts in the discussion forums. Parts, gifts or other items for antique tractors are listed in their  store.
Tractor House

"TractorHouse has thousands of used tractors and dozens of other types of farm equipment from dealers and owners throughout North America. Featuring a huge selection of John Deere tractors, TractorHouse also lists tractors for sale, combines for sale, and numerous farm implements by Deere, Case IH, New Holland, Agco, Caterpillar, Massey Ferguson, Allis Chalmers, Kubota, and dozens more. TractorHouse specializes in putting together buyers & sellers of used farm equipment, especially used farm tractors."

"Tractor Joe has a large selection - over 100,000 parts - for tractors, combines, sprayers and other equipment. " 
National FFA Agricultural Mechanics CDE

Identifies Areas to be covered on the National Agricultural Mechanics CDE by year.  Links to materials to study for each area are also provided.
Trailer Statutes (pdf)  

This document was prepared by Trailer  Inspectors including  Charles Turner Team Leader, Rocky Stone, Alex Ramirez, Jared Boriack and Jarvis Boriack.  All of these inspectors are D. O. T. specialist. Document  identifies  and explains  the significant Statutes/Codes that must be met when designing and building a trailer to show at JAM.  Both Texas  Transportation Code and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations - FMSCR  including:  Maximum Width, Tires, Brakes, Lighting,  and Safety Chains are explained. 
Trailer Construction Guide (pdf) 

This Trailer Construction Guide was developed to provide information and instruction for students and AgMech teachers in planning and constructing  legal trailer projects for exhibition at the Junior Agriculture Mechanics (JAM) project show held in conjunction with the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. 
Quality Trailers

Full line distributor of Trailer Products.  Two branch offices in Texas, San Antonio and Mt. Pleasant.  Excellent catalogs may be downloaded from their WEB site.  Parts are well illustrated .
Redneck Trailer Supplies

Redneck has a full line of trailer parts and supplies.  Their catalog has good tables and charts illustrating how to select trailer axles and running gear.  They have two branch offices in Texas, Sulphur Springs and Arlington.