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2013 Wyandotte Alumni Banquet
The Banquet will be in the Wyandotte High Schools Gym, Saturday, May 25th.  Registration will be at 4:00 pm and banquet at 6:30 pm. Nominations for outstanding Alumni may be sent to Bob Able, 10101 A 689 Rd, Wyandotte OK 74370 or Marcia.Enyart@Yahoo.com

  • 1958 Class Materials can be accessed by clicking on the down arrow in the Drop Down Box below.

Information and Instructions 
  • Presentations and some of the materials are quite large and depending on your Internet connection may require a minute or two to download especially the presentations and/or pictures in them. 
  • The browser you are using may caution you about downloading presentations. Right click on the X that is displayed in the Caution window, then click Yes to go ahead and download the presentation.
  • Links in the Class History presentations are underlined as they are above. After looking at the linked material and to get back to Web page, you may want to click on the Left Arrow at the top left hand corner of page instead of using the X in the red box at the top right hand corner.
  • To read comments at bottom of slides you may increase the text box size at the bottom of the slides in the presentations by moving cursor on the top line of the box until you see up/down arrow, hold down left button of mouse and drag up on the line.
  • A large number of the linked materials found in the 1958 Class History Presentation (HTML) are also in 1958 Class Materials (drop down box above). 


There will be additional Alumni materials added to this site periodically.


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