Junior Agricultural Mechanics Project Show

San Antonio Livestock Show & Rodeo
1929 John Deere D 
1929 John Deere D

JAM Superintendent
Dr. Lon R. Shell
Distinguished Professor Emeritus - Retired
Agricultural Systems Management
Texas State University
San Marcos, TX 78666

Phone:  (512) 753-4944
E-mail: tractor@lonshell.com
JAM Assistant Superintendent
Mr. Pat Real
Agriculture Science Teacher - Retired
Lecturer - Agriculture Systems Management
Texas State University
San Marcos, TX 78666

Phone: (210) 326-9523
E-mail: realfarm@swbell.net
JAM Assistant Superintendent
Dr. P. Ryan Saucier
Assistant Professor
Agricultural Engineering Technology
Sam Houston State University
Huntsville, Texas 77341

Phone: (936) 294-4883
E-mail: ryansaucier@shsu.edu

The Junior Agricultural Mechanics (JAM) project show is a unique contest held annually during the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo.

The JAM Premium List is posted on  the San Antonio Stock Show& Rodeo WEB (see Stock Show link below).  To get to AgMech Premium List from Rodeo WEB - click on Livestock Show at top of home page - then  Junior Agricultural Mechanics.  The  Junior Agricultural Mechanics Show Rules are found at the bottom of the page.  All current rules and regulations pertaining to the JAM show are provided in the Premium List.

Links to JAM Documents are found at bottom of Junior Agricultural Mechanics page with the Show Rules 
  • Encourage, recognize, facilitate and reward learning and the development of skills through the design, construction and exhibition of agricultural projects and/or Tractor Restoration
  • Showcase the outstanding leadership, technical abilities and accomplishments of Texas youth.


Helpful Links

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Trailers: Federal Lighting Equipment Location Requirements
ASABE American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
Additional Links - Incl Trailer Construction and Tractor Restoration 
San Antonio Junior Agriculture Mechanics (JAM) Show
JAM Judging Materials - Check Sheets

2018 JAM Updates Including new Divisions (PDF)

2018 ASABE Codes

2018 JAM Results

2018 JAM Marketplace Results

Congratulations to all 2018 JAM Exhibitors

The 2018 JAM Awards Presentations 
     Due to the size of the Presentation it has been broken down:
        Introduction - 1,623 KB
        Division 1 - Field Machinery & Equipment (13,850 KB)
        Division 2 - Shop Equipment & Resource Recovery  (12,717KB)
        Division 3 & 4 -Towable & Non Towable Cooking Equip ( 9,540 KB)
        Division 5 & 6 - Yard & Garden, Livestock Handling (16,029 KB)
        Division 7 & 8 - Livestock & Game Equip, Small Bumper Pull  (16,855  KB)
        Division 9 & 10  - Over 16 ft & Other Trailers, Gooseneck (16,610 KB)
        Division 11 - Gooseneck-Stock - Multibale - 5th Wheel & Other (9,975 KB)
        Division 12 - Tractor Restoration (10,313 KB) 
        Champions - Div 1- Div 7  (39,740 KB)
        Champions - Div 8 - Div 12 and Reserve & Grand of Show (12,770 KB)

Texas Farm Ranch Photography
(LINK to 850 pictures) - Move In, JAM Committee & Judges, Set 1& 2  of Projects and Students, Sunday Awards and Auction 

JAM Documents  (PDF)    
JAM Instructional Presentations (HTM & PDF)

 Trailer Documents  (PDF)
      See Additional Links above for more Trailer Information

  Tractor Documents (PDF)
      See Additional Links above for more Tractor Information

   New 2019 JAM Tractor Show

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